Futures Executive Search and Selection service focuses exclusively on C-Level appointments within Energy, Natural Resources and Supply Chain. Working internationally, this division provides:

A bespoke approach for clients, seeking talent to facilitate their companies organic and strategic growth. A discreet services for candidates interested in partnering with a highly credible and experienced consultants to provide a confidential approach to potential employers, whilst protecting their professional integrity.

Executive Search Service

Client services are tailored around company needs including budget, timescales and resources. Our recruitment strategies embrace the newest technologies alongside the time honoured, proven techniques of picking up the phone and utilising our extensive network of international contacts. You can expect a partnership approach, commitment to the process and a bespoke campaign that satisfies all your criteria. We pre-screen, evaluative and importantly ensure a cultural fit in addition to a professional fit with your short list of candidates, before moving towards interview process.

With a relatively small pool of resources to work with at a C-Level, we understand that most approaches are speculative and that senior level individuals might have the necessary network of contacts, they may not be in a position to utilise. Futures allows you to use a third party approach. To protect your identity, integrity and current full time position. Additionally, you may have contacts locally or nationally, but not globally. Futures Executive does and has over 10 years of assisting global relocations, cultural understanding of moving to an overseas location, international schooling, understanding uplifts, hyper tax and hardship allowances. All approaches are made in conjunction with the candidate, are tailor made and specifically exist for your security and peace of mind.

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